On Thanksgiving, we at Pediatric Safety are VERY thankful…

As I consider what I am thankful for this holiday season I realize that some things do not change: I am always thankful for my son. Even if there are frequent hassles and meltdowns, he has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Despite the chewed fence and dug-up lawn, I am also thankful for our dogs, whose unwavering doggy love can make the worst day feel better.

As I danced to Bollywood Bhangra music this past Saturday at a friend’s 40th celebration, I was thankful for the many opportunities I’ve had to live and work abroad; to be exposed to all the color and diversity of this crazy world. I am very thankful for my friends, both near and far, with whom I never tire of sharing, and whose support sustains me through work, life and parenting challenges. But I am also thankful for the societies I have had the good fortune to live and raise my son in. With all the issues we face, we often forget the many rights and benefits we enjoy in the rich-world countries.

As I look back at this year of transition, I am thankful for the courage to take a break from work and explore new paths when I needed to – and for the resources and support of my husband to do so, at least for a while!

Finally, I am thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with the PedSafe audience. Thank you for reading and for your many valuable comments. We appreciate your support.

…Audra Baumgartner

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help but think about this past year and all the changes in my life that I am grateful for. Not that this was an easy year…it wasn’t for me and I know it wasn’t for many of you who’ve also been affected by the downturn in our economy. Still – as I move forward towards 2012 I am hopeful and I find that I truly am grateful:

To have found a wonderful man that I love– someone who “gets me”… who puts my needs ahead of his own…who can cook with me in the kitchen…and will clean up when I am dead tired. For him I am truly grateful…

To have found a close friendship that I thought had been lost forever. Someone who treated the last 5 years of silence as if it had only been 5 days… who joined me at Pediatric Safety to help make this community something really special…and who picked me up and offered me unconditional support when I was at my lowest. For her I am truly grateful…

To have a healthy family – of course there are the usual colds, sinus infections, stomach aches, headaches (aches in general) – but that’s life. No one has anything incurable or life-altering. For that I am also grateful…

Finally, to have found all of you who believe in and support our goals here at Pediatric Safety…who read us day in and day out and believe that where ANY child is concerned, “one ouch is too many.” For you I am eternally grateful!

…Stefanie Zucker

From all of us here at Pediatric Safety,
have a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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