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To give you a little background …

Pediatric Safety started in 2009 as

Since then…

  • We’ve gone from a site with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the dangers of transporting children on ambulances …to providing information, tools and resources for caregivers across all aspects of child health and safety.
  • We’ve created a network of experts and contributing authors – many of whom are nationally recognized and published – and established a syndication relationship with the UK National Health Service.
  • We now publish 4 days a week, plus we gather child health and safety news from around the world and share it across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest 7 days a week.
  • We’ve seen our audience grow tremendously! Last year alone our readership grew to 20-25 thousand visits per month up from 15 thousand per month– with representation across the globe.
  • We’re making a difference…with kids…and with families…

And none of this would have been possible without the support of our loyal, generous readers!


We love hosting the site and building it into a resource that families can rely on for up-to-date health and safety information. And your financial support is what empowers us to do it.

Pediatric Safety remains free and takes us hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of dollars to sustain. If you feel that the information and resources we provide are helpful, please consider becoming a member and supporting us with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, somewhere between a cup of Starbucks and a nice lunch.

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What do we do with the revenue generated from donations?

All revenue that we generate helps us:

  • Pay all costs associated with hosting, security, and support for our website.
  • Pay the monthly fee required to maintain our email subscriber lists.
  • Fund our project to update the Pediatric Safety site – we appreciate that you love the content, but the site could desperately use a coat of fresh paint (tell the truth…you think so too).
  • Market the site, so we can expand our reach and help more kids and families.
  • Invest in new software and technology upgrades that would allow us pursue special projects.
  • Your help will mean we could actually pay our tech guy what he deserves so he can stop declaring us a charity.
  • If we have a couple of dollars left over…we’d like to buy a little something for our significant others to thank them for putting up with all the time we spend on Pediatric Safety 🙂

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Thank You For Your Continued Support of Pediatric Safety.