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Code Adam…Because You Don’t Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Code Adam, is a simple but powerful search process focused on marshaling employees in a systematic search for lost children in the crucial moments immediately following their disappearance. If you have a little one who likes to disappear in stores or public buildings, it pays to know Code Adam!

Child Health and Safety News: 3/26 Teen Suicide Levels Soar

Child Health & Safety News From Around the World: 3-19 2018 to 3-25-2018. This week: Childhood Obesity Rates Are At Their Highest Since 1999

New FBI Child ID App Helps Parents Locate Missing Kids

According to the FBI “A child goes missing every 40 seconds in America… many do not return home.” Not long ago one of our editors shared a story about her experience with Code Adam – the phrase used to initiate a “lockdown” if your child goes missing in a store. But what if they’re not […]