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Code Adam…Because You Don’t Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Code Adam, is a simple but powerful search process focused on marshaling employees in a systematic search for lost children in the crucial moments immediately following their disappearance. If you have a little one who likes to disappear in stores or public buildings, it pays to know Code Adam!

Child Health and Safety News: 3/26 Teen Suicide Levels Soar

Child Health & Safety News From Around the World: 3-19 2018 to 3-25-2018. This week: Childhood Obesity Rates Are At Their Highest Since 1999

New FBI Child ID App Helps Parents Locate Missing Kids

Last updated on September 2nd, 2015 at 11:37 pmAccording to the FBI “A child goes missing every 40 seconds in America… many do not return home.” Not long ago one of our editors shared a story about her experience with Code Adam – the phrase used to initiate a “lockdown” if your child goes missing […]