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Happy 15 Year Anniversary Pediatric Safety!

Can it possibly be 15 years since we published our first story? Please join us as we look back at some of our best articles and celebrate how far we’ve come.

What’s Working For Me: A Game To Help Stressed Kids Feel Better

Kids often feel stress or anxiety when they believe they don’t have the skills to cope with or perform a task. What’s Working For Me is a game that empowers them to look at the situation in a new way and helps them to come up with the solution

Send Your Kids Off to School Without the Morning Chaos

Keep energy calm, provide out the door prep and run through checklists to help send kids off to school with lunches, back-packs and homework in-tact.

I’ll Give This “10”: How to Help Kids Reframe BIG Feelings

All kids experience big feelings and emotions. I’ll give this 10 is a practical tool that helps kids understand and reframe their feelings so they can choose how and when to let them go

Parenting Resources to Keep Kids Safe Online

Today’s kids have never known a time without smartphones and social media. For most parents, keeping our kids safe in this continuously evolving online world can be a daunting proposition. Here are some tools that can help you bridge the gap.

My Roller Coaster Kid: Calm Things Down and Enjoy the Ride

Life with an intense child is like a ride on a roller coaster… Intense kids see more, hear more acutely and feel more deeply. Of course, they have to share all of it with you, ’cause life can be just so overwhelming. So how can you help them through it??

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