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9 Ways to Help Your Children Cope with Painful Emotions

When life is difficult or complicated and our children are in a stress-response, we need to co-regulate with them. Our words and actions can help them “Find Calm”. Here are 9 ways you can say “Together, we will get through this.”

How to Improve Children’s Math Skills With Play

Play and movement can help children strengthen their math skills. Using motor movement to help build cognitive skills is a good first step in improving how children learn and practice math.

How Much Water Should My Child Drink to Be Healthy?

More than half US children and teens may not be properly hydrated. While there is no perfect calculation, most kids 5-12 need a min of 50 oz of water daily, more if they are active.

Create Accountable, Masterful Children: The Family Coach Method

Editor’s Note: In honor of Pediatric Safety’s 5 year bloggiversary, we are publishing 5 of our favorite posts – one from each year since the day we started – every Thursday over the next five weeks. This is our initial anniversary “look-back” post, and was originally published in September 2009 by Dr Lynne Kenney, a former member of our […]

Happy Birthday Pediatric Safety! 8 Years is Only The Beginning…

8 years ago Pediatric Safety was born – a community for everyone who cares about the health & safety of kids. We’ve come far, but we’ve big changes ahead. Our thanks to all of you for taking the journey with us! Here’s a quick recap…and a peek at the road ahead

Child Health & Safety News Roundup: 04-06-2015 to 04-12-2015

Child Health & Safety News From Around the World: 04-06-2015 to 04-12-2015

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