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Bobbie Sandoz Merrill, MSW is an author, parenting specialist, and school consultant. Her books include "Parachutes for Parents" and "Settle for More, You Can Have the Relationship you Always Wanted" - both designed to help people live in truly loving and kind living environments. She can be reached at bobbiegmerrill@aol.com or www.settleformore.com

Website: http://www.settleformore.com

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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety

I was born and raised in Hawaii where I grew up surfing and swimming on both racing and synchronized swimming teams. I later became a lifeguard and swim instructor and even swam with dolphins and whales in the open ocean. Yet, it wasn’t until I moved to Arizona that I heard of more drownings than I had ever heard about prior to arriving here 3 years ago. I was puzzled as to why until I realized that...