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New York Prosecutor has been a Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Prosecutor in the NY Metro Area for over 10 years where she has prosecuted 100’s of cases where children have been the victim of physical and or sexual abuse. She is truth seeker, protector of crime victims, safety girl and blogger. She resides in New York City with her husband and three children. Follow New York Prosecutor at http://safetygirlz.blogspot.com/. PedSafe Editor's Note: Due to the nature of SafetyGirlz' work, she has requested to remain confidential on this site.

Website: http://safetygirlz.blogspot.com/

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Daycare vs. Babysitter – Is There a Right Choice?

Daycare vs. Babysitter – Is There a Right Choice?

So I am about to do something I never ever thought that I would do…Hire a babysitter to watch # 3 in my house – Gasp! I am a big, big proponent of daycare and I am famous for standing on my soap box and telling anyone who will listen why to choose day care over a babysitter. And here I am seriously considering a sitter. So let me tell you why I’m torn. For my 1st child I absolutely...