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Children are precious commodity. The health of their lives are in your hands. Do what is right

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Something long overdue

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As an EMT, child safety should be paramount! Children aren’t little adults and they need to be properly restrained just as if they are in a passenger car.
Attention needs to be given to this issue immediately! Thank you.

The 2010 SNAP – Special Needs Adaptable Product Awards Winners

Snap Award for Special NeedsIs there a special needs child on your gift list? The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has announced their 2010 toy award winners, including the SNAP – Special Needs Adaptable Product Awards to products that can be easily used by or adapted for special needs children. There are categories for various age groups, with explanations of how it benefits special needs kids. Most of the winning toys are available at your local Toys R Us store.

Kids and School – a “Germy” Combination

Now, your children are in school and the initial trauma is over —for you. This is great; Mommy or Daddy’s day out every day, meetings at Starbuck’s, play a round of tennis, make dinner and await the arrival of Mommy or Daddy. I’m sure things aren’t quite that way but you do have time to do things you did not have the time for before school, additionally you may very well still have a young one or two at home.

If your child is busy enjoying the challenges of his/her first encounter with a classroom setting, he/she is also busy adding to the petrie dish of viral and bacterial flora that decorate every nook and cranny of their little classroom. Not to worry parents, this petrie dish the classroom petrie dishis actually world wide; doorknobs, telephone handles, handshaking, etc. This is not meant to worry you more but to help put your mind at ease. If, in fact, the entire tangible world is covered with a thin layer of “slime”, there are relatively very few people getting ill because of that contact. As a matter of fact, contact with these organisms can result in a certain amount of immunity while not actually imparting visible disease. Tough concept to understand but it is the same with your school age children and whether you worry about it or not, this contact will surely take place.

Add to that the possibility that your school aged child may then carry home the very “germs” you are worried about exposing your younger child to and it’s enough to pack up your entire family and seek shelter in the closest sealed balloon- like chamber.

Things are not as bad as all that. The coexistence of man and bacteria, mostly in a benign synergistic manner, has been well documented over time: we are better off because they are around and in turn they are better off because of our presence. There are far more harmless microorganisms in our environment than those causing disease, as a matter of fact some are even helping us come up with new and effective medications and products.

Certain bacteria can be coaxed into producing human-helpful by-products much easier and in far greater quantities than we can produce with our highly sophisticated technology. Bacteria and viruses are much “smarter” than you and me; whenever we come up with a defense, they find a way to get around our barriers with intricate defenses. Hence, the development of resistances to antibiotics, etc.

Sure it is reasonable to take practical precautions to protect your children, but their exposures are not necessarily a bad thing and no matter what you do some contact will be inevitable. Once entering a school setting a child can be expected to have 6-8 significant, although usually mild illnesses, per year for the first year or two, but guess what, after that time the illnesses become fewer and fewer.

So relax, do what you can reasonably do, but realize you can’t ever keep your child completely germ free. Get your child completely up to date with the recommended immunizations and vaccines before school entrance and keep him or her that way always.

Amber Alerts Go Wireless – Register Today!

In the 25 years since the founding of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, AMBER Alerts have helped to safely recover more than 495 children. Wireless AMBER Alerts are a new nationwide initiative to distribute AMBER Alerts to wireless subscribers who opt in to receive the messages – in essence, subscribers become the “on-the-street” eyes and ears of law enforcement.

abducted baby on boardWhen a child is abducted, the first three hours are the most critical to recovery efforts. Passing a road sign displaying an AMBER Alert provides a single, one-time point of information. Wireless AMBER Alerts on the other hand have the potential to reach more than 242 million wireless subscribers with information that can be repeatedly referenced, making identification easier and greatly improving law enforcement’s ability to bring abducted children home quickly and safely.

Wireless subscribers capable of receiving text messages and those whose providers participate in the initiative can sign up to receive free text message AMBER Alerts in one of three easy ways:

  • Text AMBER followed by a space and five-digit ZIP code to AMBER (26237); (available for most eligible wireless subscribers);
  • Visit **or
  • Register on your carrier’s web site.

Register today and join those who have already signed up for Wireless AMBER Alerts™ and help bring an abducted child home safely. Click here for more information about this critical program.

**EDITOR’S NOTE:  On December 31, 2012 the Wireless AMBER Alert program was retired in favor of the Wireless Emergency Alert program


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Ive abducted an 8yo

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