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My name is Harold Serrano, owner of BluePixo Entertainment, LLC. I was born in Ecuador and I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ where I am pursuing an MBA from Argosy University. Understanding how toys and play helps a child's development is a topic which I am very devoted to. Because of that I founded BluePixo Entertainment LLC, an entertainment company involved in the Toy, Animation and Game industry. Our mission is “To Entertain The World” with innovative, fun toys, enjoyable animated cartoons and interactive games.

Website: http://www.bluepixo.com

Articles by Harold

Toys For Children With Special Needs

Toys For Children With Special Needs

Toys are learning tools for children. Children use these tools to express themselves, to learn, to explore, to dream. Give the wrong toy to a child and they will express frustration. But give them the right toy and they will have a very productive and enjoyable time. A toy that is properly chosen can aid a child in addressing his or her difficulties. At the same time, choosing a toy without consideration...