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Mother, wife, writer, friend, employee, feeder of fish and cats (all right, so I don't always remember to feed the fish-it's not my fault they can't talk to remind me), cleaner of house and clocks and I am the author of mrsblogalot.com , as well as grandmasunderwear.com (to say the very least)- not necessarily always in that order or always done well but getting done nevertheless (-: ...I love my son more than air, I would drink tomato sauce from the can if it was socially acceptable, my husband and I want to throw live grenades at each other on a daily basis but love each other still (strong love beats live grenades...in Battleship and in life)! 10 years and still going strong. Email me at contactme@mrsblogalot.com

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Top 10 Things A New Mother Must Know

Top 10 Things A New Mother Must Know

Here are the top things every new mother should know: Don’t let the baby eat dirt (If the baby poops green…don’t worry) Don’t let the baby eat grass If the baby screams when you take away the bottle, chances are you didn’t put enough rum in it Should a rash develop, have yourself checked out immediately Mother in laws who think you are incompetent give helpful advice can become clumsy around...