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Lowell G. | Brooklyn, NY; Tue., Aug. 3, 2010

As a former EMT Instructor, I know it is essential that a safe and standardized method of infant/child transport be adopted ASAP. Restraint devices save lives; does it make sense not to use them on ambulances?

Gwen G. | Brooklyn, NY; Tue., Aug. 3, 2010

Children are precious commodity. The health of their lives are in your hands. Do what is right

Sheldon Z. | Great Neck, NY; Tue., Aug. 3, 2010

Something long overdue

Meredith B. | Union City, GA; Fri., Jan. 22, 2010

As an EMT, child safety should be paramount! Children aren’t little adults and they need to be properly restrained just as if they are in a passenger car.
Attention needs to be given to this issue immediately! Thank you.

Becky N. | Statesboro, GA; Mon., Sep. 7, 2009

Our children are the future of tommorrow and need all the support they can get in all areas of life.

Dora G. | Fort Lee, NJ; Fri., Aug. 28, 2009

Child safety should be taken very seriously and hopefully this petition on more secure transportation features for ambulances does not get ignored.