Does Your Back-To-School Checklist Include Swimming Lessons?

  • Pencils? Check. √
  • Notebooks? Check. √
  • Backpack? Check. √
  • Swimming lessons? Huh???

So often parents associate swimming lessons only with summer vacation. Summer is a great time to be in the pool, but there are a number of reasons why you should think about enrolling your child in swim classes year-round. First and foremost, learning to swim is like any other developmental phase – it requires a gradual strengthening of skills. Your child did not suddenly recite the Gettysburg Address – they began with simple words and built their mental and physical skills to understand and form more complex words and string them together coherently. Children learn to speak by practicing regularly. Swimming requires the same gradual and consistent teaching and practice.

Swimming is a life skill that will keep your child safe their whole life. Once children are school age they are at greatest risk of drowning in open water and it’s only a matter of years before they are out of your sight – don’t you want them to be safe?

If the safety reasons aren’t enough, here are some other great reasons why swimming should be on your back-to-school ‘to do’ list:

  1. Swimming makes you smarter.
  2. Teaching young children to swim actually makes them more physically coordinated as they mature. (Citation: Sigmundsson, H. and B. Hopkins. 2010. Baby swimming: exploring the effects of early intervention on subsequent motor abilities, Child: Care Health and Development. 36:3, 428-430. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2009)
  3. Swimmers live longer.

What else makes your child smarter, healthier, better coordinated AND safer?

Swimming lessons? Check!!! √√√

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Global water safety for children is my passion and I can't wait to get up every day to work at it! I blog about water safety regularly at, or you can follow me on Twitter at RebeccaSaveKids. Rebecca is a former member of the PedSafe Expert team


6 Responses to “Does Your Back-To-School Checklist Include Swimming Lessons?”

  1. You know this is the first year we are continuing swim lessons through the year and I wish we started doing this sooner. Every summer was like starting all over again, and swimming lessons We sticking with it throughout the year until my kids are good and independent. Plus? Who knows..they may end up loving it and just continue on!

    I agree, swimming lessons are essential!

  2. The other bonus? Kids that are tired in a good way – I find mine eat better (and healthier), sleep more soundly and generally are calmer after swimming – and that makes my job as mom easier!

    • Great advice Rebecca. I find that my students who are enrolled in periodic lessons throughout the summer, continuing in the fall and starting early with the New Year are better more confident and happy swimmers. Practice is essential!

  3. Kenny Montgomery says:

    It is important to sign your children up for swimming lessons. It is a skill that they will be able to use the rest of their life. Also, make sure to teach the rules around swimming pools, oceans, and lakes.

  4. Great point Kenny, because pools and lakes and oceans are NOT the same!

  5. Fitoru says:

    Great blog, nice post, informative and well written article.

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