Teaching Babies and Toddlers to Swim = Healthy Kids + Safe Kids

Teach your baby to swimSwimming lessons save lives. One of my most popular posts talked about what age you should allow your children to swim unsupervised, but at what age do you start them in swimming lessons and do swimming lessons really make a difference for young children?

A study proved that participation in formal swimming lessons cuts the risk of drowning for children ages 1-4 by 88%. Babies love the water and starting your kids in swimming lessons as infants will make them safer in the water, at a minimum it may keep them from panicking and buy you a precious 2 minutes that is the difference between life and a drowning death.

Starting children in the water early makes sense. Remember the first time you gave your new baby a bath? That rather concerned look on their face when you lowered them carefully into the water and then that flicker of recognition, ‘oh yes, water, I floated in my warm and comforting cocoon for the previous 9 months before you ejected me in a rather forceful manner’. I remember that my two quickly came to love bath time – the amazing splash of water that they were able to create just by moving their hands and feet. Such power! Such fun! Babies love the water and haven’t developed a paralyzing fear that can come with age, so it’s the best time to start them swimming early, in a positive and nurturing environment.

Need any more incentive? Swimming is proven to make children smarter, better physically coordinated as they mature and live longer. Plus swimming is amazing exercise as well, so kiss those worries of childhood obesity goodbye.

The bonus for parents? Click here for some great exercises that get you in shape and keep your baby safer their entire lives!

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Global water safety for children is my passion and I can't wait to get up every day to work at it! I blog about water safety regularly at http://www.RebeccaWearRobinson.com, or you can follow me on Twitter at RebeccaSaveKids. Rebecca is a former member of the PedSafe Expert team


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