About Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson holds numerous coaching certifications with a specialisation in the field of parenting and is a member of the International Coach Federation. He has written a wide variety of programmes, the popular self help book “Listen to your children... and they will listen to you” to help parents break through the communication barrier and produced a leading edge DVD “Kids Are Really Different These Days” showing how and why we need to review our parenting and education system. Alan founded Develop Your Child (DYC) , to satisfy his passion – to wholistically develop millions of children globally, by using coaching and related techniques. His vision is to develop sustainable self empowerment in children, young people, parents and the professionals working with these groups.

Website: http://www.developyourchild.com

Articles by Alan

Today’s Sensitive Children

Today’s Sensitive Children

Children today are more sensitive emotionally, physically and psychically. They are concerned about everyone and everything, tend to suffer more dietary problems and just how do they know what mood you’re in before you even enter a room! When you consider they are also coping with unprecedented rates of change in technology, population dynamics and culture, we must take a look at how we parent and...