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Dr. Moira Eastman, B.A., Dip. Ed., Ph.D. is a sociologist, former academic, and author whose work has focused on family and lately, on mothers and mothering. She has been a research fellow at the Australian Institute of Family Studies, an affiliate scholar at the Institute for American Values (a New York think-tank on family issues), served for 10 years as a senior lecturer at Australian Catholic University, and is a well-known and successful public speaker. Dr. Eastman’s books on family topics (Family the Vital Factor, The Magical Power of Family and We’re OK! Secrets of Happy Families) have received considerable acclaim and overall her books have sold in excess of 500,000 copies. She believes in the power of a mother’s love and a father’s love to transform society and has expressed that in her most recent work: Mothering Business—Creating the Ability to Love—A Mother’s Work!

Website: http://www.essentialmother.com

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Did You Know You Can Impact How Fast Your Child Learns?

Did You Know You Can Impact How Fast Your Child Learns?

US researchers Betty Hart and Tod Risley had devoted their lives to developing pre-school programs to bring poor underachieving children up to the level of learning of professors’ children. After years of research and work they realised, ‘We failed!’ They concluded that the rate at which a child’s vocabulary grows is a key to the child’s growth in intelligence . . . But ‘Vocabulary growth...