About Roy Benaroch, MD

Dr. Roy Benaroch is a pediatrician and assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at Emory University in Atlanta. In addition to his work as a pediatrician, Dr. Roy has written two books for parents, Solving Health and Behavioral Problems from Birth to Preschool: A Parent's Guide and A Guide to Getting the Best Healthcare for Your Child. He lives in the Atlanta-area with his wife and three children.

Website: http://studioonenetworks.com

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Keeping Your Child Healthy on Airplanes

Keeping Your Child Healthy on Airplanes

Many cold and flu viruses are transmitted when you touch surfaces. And when you’re on airplanes, you’re touching armrests and tray tables that may not be very clean. Since so many people are touching the same surfaces, it’s all too easy to pick up germs on your hands. So always have your child wash hands thoroughly before and after using the bathroom on a plane. And when you can’t get access...