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CONTEST #1: What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Most of the television shows produced today have a fairly decent budget…especially the “hits” where a large fan base brings in high advertising revenue. To keep the fans coming back, dramas in particular pay close attention to making their show as “realistic” as possible, typically hiring consultants to make sure that what they are showing accurately reflects real life experiences.

For the past decade ER and Grey’s Anatomy have been two of the most popular US hospital dramas. Medical consultants are a given at this level. Take a look at the following clips from both of these shows…both show an ambulance arriving at the ER with a young child.

Two questions: What’s right with these pictures? …and more important what’s wrong?

(scenes © ER and Grey’s Anatomy, all rights reserved. A special thanks to Young Estate Studios for creating these clips and making this possible)

What’s right?

  • You are seeing a totally accurate picture of what happens today. Clearly someone was holding the child during transport – whether the parent strapped to a stretcher or the EMT or paramedic who is getting off the ambulance holding the child. Regardless, they did not unstrap the child and pick them up to hop out of the ambulance. The consultant got it right.


What’s wrong?

  • The consultant got it right – someone was holding that child on the ambulance while transporting them to the hospital. Noone has strapped that child in and currently there’s no law – at least in the US as well as in a number of other countries – requiring them to do so. It is not the medic’s fault, for very little is available in terms of equipment to safely secure young children on ambulances. But what if that child needed CPR? Or even more important, what happens to that child if the unimaginable were to happen and that ambulance were to be hit?

Maybe they’re safer in an ambulance than a car? If we consider that we are highly likely to be going above the speed limit around curves and passing through intersections against the flow of traffic, I’m not sure I believe that. Also I can say without a doubt there is at least 1 child I know of that will never attend public school because we did not keep her secure in the back of an ambulance. So clearly what we’re doing is not working, but until we’re ready to say “this is unacceptable” nothing will change.

So are we ready??? Is 1 child’s life enough for us to do something???


If you agree with me that the answer is yes…then let’s do something about it… Together we can get the message out about keeping kids safe on ambulances… Oh and hey, for the people working the hardest talking to all their followers, there just might be a little something coming your way!


The prize: a little something cool – for you truly cool people to thank you for helping out:

    • To one winner – a summer of weekly Frappuccinos (or at least $50 worth on a loaded Starbucks card)

  • To two second place winners – a month of Frappuccinos (or $25 worth on a Starbucks card)


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Contest Rules –

Giveaway is open to USA and Canada readers only. Giveaway starts Friday June 19, 2009 and ends at noon EST Friday July 3, 2009. Please leave email address or make sure it’s on your profile or you won’t win. You will have 48 hours to email me if you win. Winner chosen using Good Luck to all entrants!

Finally – for a special prize…I needed a mom who knew how to run contests to help me run this one… so to thank the amazing mom who is helping make this possible, I’d like to send a little personal frappuccino heaven as well – a $20 Starbucks gift card and a huge thank you!

Welcome to our first contest of the summer – we hope to run many more …because here at Pediatric Safety we firmly believe that ONE OUCH IS TOO MANY!!


1ST PRIZE: Stefanie Hartman

2ND PRIZES: Eve and JanetFaye

I will be emailing you shortly with the details.

Enjoy your Starbucksand Thanks for helping us spread the word about keeping kids safe on ambulances!! Also special thanks to Nichol at for help running this contest!!