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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That rings true for dads too! Born out of frustration, Daddy’s Design was created by two new dads who wanted something better for their little ones.

Like most new parents, the founders used breast feeding pillows to “prop up” their babies in lounging situations. But newborns need lots Daddys Design - feeding timeof head, neck, and body support. Realizing that these pillows didn’t provide enough support, they went shopping for something better. Unable to find a product that provided the total support they were looking for, the two dads sat down and sketched out design after design, literally on napkins! After a lot of trial and error, and several designs later, the Snoogie Seat was born.

The Snoogie Seat provides that much needed head, neck, and body support in a fun and comfortable way. It’s also slightly inclined to give your little one the opportunity to see his or her world. Angled at just the right amount, the Snoogie is a great tool for bottle feeding. Also as I found out first hand, traditional newborn loungers and breast feeding pillows do not securely hold a baby in place. Our Patent Pending design creates a safe and comfortable environment while still keeping baby in a secure position.

All of this was not easy to achieve. When we were designing the Snoogie Seat, we spent a lot of time creating sewing pattern after pattern. Other pillows and cushions on the market provide some support, but we felt they could be improved upon. The size, shape, and incline of the Snoogie provides support for the infant’s head, neck, and body. The ergonomically correct angle, allows the baby to rest while having their head elevated slightly. The shape of our seat creates a “well like” region in the center, which securely holds baby’s bottom in place. Think “floating in an inner tube.” In this position, baby cannot slide down or roll out. Finally, we wanted the Snoogie‘s size to be convenient for parents (roughly the size of a sofa cushion) but big enough to allow the entire baby’s body to fit within for ultimate safety. So the final shape, size, and angle(s) were of utmost importance. We worked long and hard to get the right combination of each. In the end my newborn daughter was my test model. I would place her in each prototype and observe her. When she was held securely in place and completely supported I knew we had something better! The Snoogie has also been tested by an independent lab for hazardous substances…we passed with flying colors!

On a side note, Daddy’s Design happily gives to Children’s National Medical Center. When she was just two weeks old, the daughter of one of our founders had to spend the weekend at Children’s in Washington DC. The medical personnel were true professionals, and treated the family with care and compassion. Children’s Hospital does great work, treating some of the toughest illnesses in children. Daddy’s Design is honored to contribute to this organization.

Daddy’s Design is on a mission: to have a positive influence on the lives of parents and their children through our products. We are continually looking for ways to improve the experience that parents have with their kids. New ideas are in the works.


How anyone (a new dad or a new mom) can feed a baby:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit for a little while where you can hold your baby comfortably in your lap with the bottle in one hand (note: the Snoogie will be very helpful in making sure the baby’s at a good angle for feeding comfortably). Keep in mind that if you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re doing, you can focus more on your baby…and enjoy the experience more…and your baby will pick up on that.
  2. Before you start feeding the baby make sure to check the temperature of the milk. This can be done by squeezing a few drops on the sensitive side of your wrist. If it feels too hot, let it cool for a few minutes
  3. Make sure to keep a burping cloth or blanket handy…as spills (and spit up) are going to happen!
  4. Remember to burp baby when they are done feeding. They can’t tell you when they have gas…so gently pat their back until they burp each time.
  5. Finally, remember, even though the Snoogie Seat will keep your child safe and secure in your arms, it is not meant for sleeping or lounging on elevated surfaces. Also, although it probably goes without saying, please never leave a baby unattended in the Snoogie Seat or in any child restraining device


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  1. Bernadette says:

    What a great idea!

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