Real Concept Drawings

A Graduate Student working towards his degree in bio-engineering came on board to draw some rough sketches and help us out. Boy did he ever. Our concept with all its specifications really came to life

Eng Pict 1

It needed to be easily adjustable to accommodate children of various sizes…

Eng Pict 2

It needed to be able to go from sitting up to lying flat very quickly, in case we needed to perform CPR

…and close completely for out of the way storage

Eng Pict 3

It needed to have a scale built in for accurate medication dosing and storage for access to pediatric equipment

About the Author

I trained as an EMT in NY, than recertified in Atlanta. I loved being an EMT and was involved with it for several years. I worked on the “Rainbow Response Unit” at Egleston’s Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, and when not on a call, worked in the PICU and NICU, which was both a blessing as well as a heartache because I learned and saw so much. Helping to create a child safety seat for ambulances was my way of making sure children who were already compromised health-wise, would not be put in any more danger. When I realiized I could no longer be an EMT due to medical reasons, I found an alternate outlet for my desire to nuture and protect; I became a dog trainer...something that was always a second love and passion for me. Now, whenever possible, I combine my passion for children and canines by working to make the world a safer place for both. Suzanne is a member of the PedSafe Expert team


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