Miley Cyrus & Pediatric Safety: A winning ticket!

badgesquareWe finally did it!

After countless hours of planning and testing and developing – we finally think we’ve put together a site where everyone who cares about children’s health and safety – (parents and doctors and nurses and emergency responders and teachers…to name a few) – can get together to stay informed on the child health safety topics that have the potential to affect us and the children in our care.

A place where we can show each other some of the ideas that we as caregivers had, and then later turned into products and services that help keep kids healthier and safer; and a forum where we’ve been fortunate to have some experts (pediatricians, pediatric nurses, an EMS safety expert, and a specialist in keeping home & kids toxic chemical-free) who have kindly volunteered time to help out with an open exchange of questions and ideas.

It’s a place where hopefully each of you can find answers and in turn give answers to others who need them. It’s a community where people can support each other… and it’s yours.

So where does this contest thing come in??? Well how do you get to know a new place unless you explore??? And we WANT you to get to know this one – and tell others about it. …And THAT’s where this contest thing comes in 🙂

Introducing: Miley Cyrus & Pediatric Safety: A winning ticket!

**contest extended two more weeks**:

Miley Cyrus7

The prize: as a way of thanking our new friends…

  • For one lucky winner: Two (2) tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert on November 18th at Nassau Coliseum in New York

  • For another lucky winner: Two (2) tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert on November 29th at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA

And here’s how it works:

Below you will find our CONTEST ENTRY FORM. It includes our MANDATORY entry for the contest as well as the opportunity for you to enter a BONUS entry…

For simplicity (and so that you can tweet multiple times) you can use this form for each bonus entry, however if this is an additional entry, please check the box saying this an additional entry so we know you have already completed your mandatory entry requirement. Please note: you must fill out a separate form for the mandatory entry as well as for each bonus entry so we can make sure each entry gets counted.

Starting next Friday, and for each Friday after that we will post opportunities for you to earn additional BONUS entries. Each bonus entry will be listed for that 1 week and will only be good for that week. So be sure to check back each week for the bonus entries …and have fun!


Join our community (note: An email will be sent asking you to verify your membership – you must check your email & and click the link to verify membership )


  1. Tweet the following “Hannah Montana / @MileyCyrus Concert tix Giveaway! Visit for details & plz RT @pediatricsafety #pedsafe” (You may tweet once daily = 1 entry)
  2. Share this contest on your favorite social networking site ” Click share at the bottom of the post and provide the URL where you shared it on the form (Each share = 1 entry)
  3. Name and describe one post from the home page of the site Answer on the form below (Answer = 2 entries, so remember to submit 2 forms)
  4. Blog about this contest – including a request for your readers to tweet or blog about it. Include the blog URL on the form (Blogging = 2 entries, so remember to submit 2 forms)
  5. Join the ANSR for Kids (Ambulances Need Safety Regulations) cause on Facebook and send invites to your friends – help us spread the word that things have got to change (Join the cause = 3 entries, so remember to submit 3 forms)
  6. Sign the ANSR for Kids petition and leave a comment – help us tell Congress that Ambulances Need Safety Regulations for Kids (Signing the petition = 3 entries, so remember to submit 3 forms)

Please note: Each contest (Atlanta and New York) requires a minimum of 20 valid participants for tickets to be awarded – see details in contest rules below


Miley results1 8-29-09Miley results2 8-29-09Our Atlanta Winner: for Miley Cyrus tickets at Philips Arena – Kimberly Sloane #16 – with a Mandatory Entry

Our NY Winner: for a $50 gift certificate to – Dora Gouli – #152 – with an Additional Entry: Signed the Petition (Child safety should be taken very seriously and hopefully this petition on more secure transportation features for ambulances does not get ignored)

Finally…Contest Rules:

Must be eighteen (18) or older to enter. Giveaway has no country of origin participation restrictions, however tickets will be provided at the event so winners must be present a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to concert and bring valid picture ID that matches the name used for the entry or tickets will not be awarded. If prize has not been claimed one half hour prior to the event, tickets will be forfeit. Reminder: Each contest (Atlanta and New York) requires a minimum of 20 valid participants for tickets to be awarded – alternatively a $50 gift certificate will be awarded in their place. NOTE: CONTEST EXTENDED 2 MORE WEEKS Giveaway starts Friday July 17, 2009 and ends at noon EST Friday Aug 28, 2009. Please leave a valid email address with each entry or your entry will be disqualified. You will have 48 hours to email me if you win. Winner chosen using Good Luck to all entrants!

Welcome to the summer of Miley, the summer of kids and the summer of Pediatric Safety.
Miley Cyrus9We hope you find a home at our new community, and that you believe like we do: we’re in this together…and where pedsafe_logo-smallkids health and safety are concerned… ONE OUCH IS DEFINITELY TOO MANY!!


5 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Pediatric Safety: A winning ticket!”

  1. Lost says:

    I can’t figure out where the experts are. Are they the blog authors like MOMRN? so confused. ;[

    • Stefanie Zucker sazucker says:

      Sorry for the confusion. First off, yes they are definitely some of the blog authors, but the easier way to find them is to go to the Chat Room Page. If you look under the Community navigation button, Chat Room is a drop down menu. On the right side of the Chat Room page is a button that says PedSafe Experts and brings you to a list of all of them including their bios. We were hoping the “hint” in the contest instructions would be a help, but apparently we need to give better hints 😉 so apologies for the confusion, and now hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to find them. Thanks for asking!

  2. TiffanyAmber says:

    I have been trying for over a half hour now!!

    I have told tons of people and we can’t enter the contest even…

    but I love the site.

    • Stefanie Zucker Stefanie Zucker says:

      Sorry for the confusion Tiffany. The Miley contest is closed…(it closed at noon on Friday).
      We plan to announce the winners over the weekend.

      Ps. I’m glad you like the site…we will have other contests running, so please stay on the mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as we have another. Thanks again!

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