Be Ready, Be Buckled: Create Lifetime Seatbelt Wearers

In past articles I have written about various programs sponsored by the federal government that help to promote safety in kids. My most recent post was about distracted driving. For this post I have found a new program and site that I think is perfect to highlight and to showcase on this blog.

The program is called “Be Ready, Be Buckled”. Among its sponsors are the DOT, the National Highway Traffic safety administration and others. One aspect of the program is to encourage kids, K through 6th grade or age 5-12 to submit original artwork which focuses on the theme and supports the use of seat belts.

Some suggested questions or discussions to help inspire young artists include:

  • Why is it important to buckle up every time while driving or riding in a bus, truck or car?
  • How does the motto Safety Belts Save lives apply to bus and truck drivers as well as Kids and families.
  • What would happen if a truck or bus driver did not buckle up on the job?

Two grand prize winners will be selected by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). The top 12 will complete the 2011 calendar. The picture at the top of this post is last year’s winner.

Even if your child does not win they and the family will share a bonding experience over safety and will hopefully create lifetime seatbelt wearers and champions. Please feel free to submit a copy of your child’s artwork here: – we would love to post it on Pediatric Safety and to help encourage everyone to buckle up. For more official information and for the contest entry form please go to:

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Jim is a transportation safety expert with more than 40 years in both the emergency medical services and the school bus industries. Jim is a former member of the PedSafe Expert team and is proud to have been one of the original contributors to more than 13 years ago.


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