Parents, Forget Cool! Get Your Kids the Boring Safety Pads

The holiday season is upon us and all the little boys and girls have made their lists and are hoping for that new toy they have been dying for. Some kids are hoping for video games, some kids are hoping for dolls, and some are hoping for bikes and skateboards. While the video games and dolls can be exciting, it is the bikes, skateboards, and other moving toys that need our attention. While there is nothing that equals the smile on a child’s face when they learn to ride alone and get the hang of their new toy, there is also nothing like seeing them in the E.R with a broken bone or worse a head injury.

Every year thousands of children are sent to the hospital with bumps, bruises, broken bones and head injuries from falls off of bikes, skateboards and even scooters. The old saying is true, helmets save lives. With the CDC findings that helmets can prevent 85% of head injuries, elbow pads 82% of elbow injuries and knee pads, 32% of knee injuries – and having been on more than one call where a helmet did its job and took the hit – there is no reason not to include this in your holiday shopping. I know it is not cool, and I know that there are very few children out there wishing that they will get that new set of safety pads this year, but it may be being uncool that saves our kids from serious injuries with their new toys.

As always, please make sure that your children know how to properly ride whatever toy they have and please make sure that all the safety equipment like safety pads and helmets are the proper size and allow your children to properly and safely enjoy their new toys.

I hope you all have a Happy Holidays with exciting toys and boring safety stuff.

About the Author

Greg Atwood is a Firefighter /Paramedic in Coral Gables Florida and works for the Coral Gables Fire Rescue. He is an American Heart Association certified instructor in BLS ( Basic Life Support ), ACLS ( Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support ), and PALS ( Pediatric Advanced Life Support ). Greg currently lives in Miami Florida with his beautiful wife Alexa and their 2 sons, Connor and Jake. Greg is a former member of the PedSafe Expert team


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