Child Health & Safety News 4/23: Help Your Child Predict Migraines

twitter thumbIn this week’s Child Safety News: A new large-scale meta-analysis looking at more than 50 years of research has found that child care in early life does not increase the risk of asthma in children

Welcome to Pediatric Safety’s weekly “Child Health & Safety News Roundup”- a recap of the past week’s child health and safety news headlines from around the world. Each day we use social media to communicate relevant and timely health and safety information to the parents, medical professionals and caregivers who follow us. Occasionally we overlook something, but overall we think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping you informed. Still, quite a bit happens every day – so to make sure you don’t miss anything, we offer you a recap of this week’s top 20 events & stories.

PedSafe Child Health & Safety News Headline of the Week:
How to Help Your Child Predict (and Prevent) Migraines from the Cleveland Clinic!

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  • Cutting-edge surgery will enable a little girl with cerebral palsy-spastic diplegia to leave wheelchair behind 2018-4-16
  • Autism Awareness Month: A Chance to Redefine Disability 2018-4-16
  • Child-care expert to talk on developing empathy in children Roots of Empathy – program in BC -has taught hundreds of thousands of kids kindness and empathy 2018-4-16


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