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I’m a Air Force wife and a Stay At Home mom. My husband Travis and I have been married for 20 years. We were high school sweet hearts. I’m a "slightly crunchy” mom. Attachment parenting, nursing, self weaning, cloth diapering, natural foods and some organics have been important to me. I say "slightly crunchy” because I have more non organic/natural foods in the house than I do organic/natural. I love animals. Especially dogs and cockatiels. All 3 of my kids have helped me hand raise several clutches over the years. I wanted to become a Vet Tech when I was young. But Marriage and parenting consumed my life and I wouldn’t ever change the decisions I’ve made along the way. If I could have 2 super powers, I would chose to be able to go invisible and to do time travel. There are a lot of highlights in the past that I would love to see unfold. (like the signing of the constitution) And I surely would love to go in the future and see what’s yet to come.

Website: http://hissy-fits-and-halos.blogspot.com

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In Memory of Noah…please watch your children around cars

In Memory of Noah…please watch your children around cars

Travis is in the Air Force and we were stationed at Scott AFB in Illinois for quite some time. Illinois was the only place Noah had ever lived…but he was used to moving. We had to move several times from one house to another. This time it was from one house on base (that was scheduled to be renovated) to a brand new house that had just been built down the road. We were all excited, we had never lived...