Puj Tub

Puj TubParenting is such a rewarding experience but yet one of the hardest jobs in the world. That is why after having 3 kids of their own, designers Ben and Katie decided to design products of their own that helped them raise their own children and make life a little more simpler so that they could spend more time with their kids instead of stressing over the little things. Hence Puj (pronounce like “pudge”) was born!

As most parents do, Katie and Ben went out looking for the perfect infant tub to bathe their baby in. All they found though were ones that were large and hard to store, messy and hard to keep clean, didn’t cradle and make the baby comfortable, and caused their own back and knees to ache. That is when the idea that there should be a baby tub out there that reduced all these problems that caused such a simple task as bathing to become a huge ordeal.

What came out of this was the innovative invention of the Puj Tub! The idea for the tub came from your simple everyday brown grocery sack. It is light weight, portable, stores flat, and is also able to hold mass. Why not create a tub similar to this concept? Well that is exactly what Ben and Katie did and after three years, the Puj Tub has entered into the world.

Along with the easy to use design of the tub, Ben and Katie also wanted a tub that was healthy and safe for babies as well as the parents. That is why they decided to make the tub from a soft “warm to the touch” foam that cradles the baby. Compared to the large, hard, plastic tubs out on the market right now, this is much more calming and comforting to the little one making bath time more enjoyable for everyone. Also the fear of the backaches and neck cramps that come from bathing your baby are eliminated! The tub can just simply be placed in a bathroom or kitchen sink at your height and there you have it!

Finally, when picking the material for the Puj Tub Ben and Katie first and foremost wanted something that was non-toxic (BPA Free + PVC Free) . As parents of three kids themselves, this was very important to them. From there, they looked for properties like softness vs. stiffness, the material needed to be the perfect combination of the two to enable it to be both soft and supportive. They also looked for something that was non-absorbant so that it would dry quickly helping it to be anti-bacterial + anti-fungal. All of this resulted in the use of the foam material that the tubs are made of. The coast guard and the FDA even approve it so it’s gotta be good!

With such an easy to use, store, and health friendly product, bathing your new born will never have been more simple which is just the way Puj wants it.


Here’s a “top 7 checklist” from Puj Tub that all mommies and daddies should consider before bathing their new babies:

  1. Location. Kitchen, bathroom, counter, pedestal. Consider where your bathing supplies are located and where is the most convenient place to bathe your baby.
  2. Safety. Make sure your infant is secured in position as well as if the tub actually fits in the sink or on the counter you are planning to use.
  3. Comfort for the baby. Your baby needs to feel cradled as well as secure in the tub so no sloshing or slipping of the baby occurs.
  4. Comfort for the mommy or daddy. Make sure the height of the tub is comfortable so that you avoid backaches and knee aches.
  5. Time. Consider convenience and what the most time efficient way is to set-up and clean-up.
  6. Water temperature. Fill the tub first and then test the water with your finger so you know that water is okay for your baby.
  7. Baby skin sensitivity. Make sure you are using doctor recommended soaps that will won’t harm or be sensitive to your babies skin.


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