911 Nine Years Later

Today marks the anniversary of the attacks on US soil; marks the anniversary of the fall of the twin towers and marks a line in time when our lives were forever changed. For a child, nine years is a long time, for some a life time. They will never know a time before the attack. It is said that history repeats itself. What if we don’t want it to? What if we don’t want our children to continue to live in such a world or to endure such fear and suffering?

We teach peace. We teach acceptance. Ground_Zero_MemorialOne reason for the attack was not accepting differences, not valuing variety- variety in appearance, in speech, in custom and in belief. At some level the attacks may well have been based on some fear of the unknown. For some reason we seem to notice and pay more attention to differences than we do to similarities. Sure we may be black, white or brown. We are male or female and there is even some gender confusion. We are Protestant, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish or Agnostic. Some are rich, others poor. One may be blind and another deaf. But consider:

We are all human. We had parents- we were born. We all enjoy some language and if we try can communicate with each other. We all are sometimes right and other times wrong. We all endure the raging hormones of puberty- we all will feel attraction to another. We eat. We breathe. We laugh and we love. We share the same planet. We will all suffer the passing of another and each of us will one day die. We are all human and as such will all make mistakes.

If we don’t want history to be repeated we should teach our children to recognize the many and varied things we have in common with each other- that all humans share. When we are able to do this we will have achieved acceptance and the cycle of war will end.


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  1. veronica lee says:

    It’s a day none of us will ever forget. I shared my thoughts of that tragic day in my post today.

    God Bless America.
    .-= veronica lee´s last blog ..Dalton Ghetti – Pencil Lead Sculptures =-.

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