Happy Birthday Pediatric Safety! 8 Years is Only The Beginning…

It’s hard to believe that Pediatric Safety is eight years old today…

On July 17, 2009 Pediatric Safety was born – a community for everyone who cares about the health and safety of kids. We created an Awareness section to communicate the latest news; a Community area where folks could get together, exchange stories and ask questions; an Innovations section where some very creative parents and caregivers could show off the inventions they created to keep kids healthy and safe… And so much more!

As we look back to compare where we’ve come over the past 8 years to where we are today, we continue to be amazed at the range of topics we’ve covered, new innovations we’ve kept you apprised of, and well-known experts who have written articles to keep you up-to-date on the status of current health and safety issues:

  • Since our launch, we’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with some wonderful folks from many different professions and vocations, all striving to give you their insights, ideas and recommendation. We are honored to include on our PedSafe Expert Team Dr Joseph Skoloff (pediatrics), Dr Michele Borba (character development and bullying prevention), Suzanne Hantke (kids and canines), Dr Bill Williams (family dentistry), paramedic Greg Atwood (emergency medicine), Dr Lynne Kenney (child psychology, learning and behavior), Rosie Reeves (special needs parenting), and Tracy Bush (food allergies)– all of whom volunteer their time to help make this site a community where you can find answers and hopefully give answers to others when they need them.
  • In 2013 were proud to announce the inclusion of NHS Choices articles on Pediatric Safety. NHS Choices is the UK’s biggest, most comprehensive health information website. The articles we’ve shared with you spanned the full range of child health and safety issues from living with disabilities to surviving childhood bullying, from adoption and fostering to puberty and talking about sex; from asthma and allergies to health and fitness.
  • We now publish 4 days a week, plus we gather child health and safety news from around the world and share it across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest 7 days a week.
  • We’ve seen our audience grow tremendously! Last year alone our readership grew to 20-25 thousand visits per month up from 15 thousand per month– with representation across the globe.
  • Together we’ve shared over fifteen hundred posts and fourteen thousand tweets about child health and safety.

At its heart, Pediatric Safety is a place where people can support each other – the village needed to raise a child. If we’ve been able to help you, our followers, and accomplished even a little of that, then this has been 8 years well spent.

And all this was just the beginning!

Over the next couple of months you’re going to see some wonderful changes here at PedSafe. We are thrilled to announce that over the next couple of months Pediatric Safety will be getting a “makeover”. We’ve been listening to what you – our readers – have been telling us you need, and we’re still listening. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be asking you more questions about what you want to see in the next evolution of Pediatric Safety and our plan is for you to see your input as we roll out the next generation of Pediatric Safety. (That said – if there’s something really important you’d like to see more (or less) of going forward, and we don’t ask about it, please drop us a note and let us know. Our goal is to make sure you know you’ve been heard)!

Thank you friends – for taking this journey with us!

We look forward to sharing many more birthdays ahead…….

With love and gratitude,

Stefanie, Audra and Jim


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