Help! My Six-year-old Son is Lying to Avoid School

You must address lying behavior assertively because this is a habit that can become serious. Tell your son the story about the boy who cried wolf and explain how lying undermines trust in relationships.

Encourage him to share the reason why he is trying to avoid school and his feelings in general. Work with his teacher on the underlying reasons and help him develop more effective social and emotional skills for handling stressful situations.

If he has developed chronic physical complaints such as headaches or stomachaches, consult your pediatrician as well. Never let him stay home unless he has observable medical symptoms. If he does, require him to rest and skip all activities, making sure that it is not a rewarding experience to stay home. Six-year-old boys should prefer to be with their friends at school!

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Dr. Patti Zomber is a licensed psychologist for children and families. She has written numerous articles about parenting and is also editor of the Los Angeles Psychologist journal. As a mother of three, she shares a unique understanding of the challenges and experiences families face every day.


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