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As the mother of a special needs child I was never comfortable leaving my child with anyone else unless it was an absolute emergency – and my child has very mild special needs. But let’s face it, no matter how devoted and loving you are to your children there are times when you need to get something done without a child in tow, or you just need a break. Or maybe your financial situation or important position makes it so that you need to work. So, how do you find someone you can trust, who is qualified to handle your child’s medical, physical, behavior or emotional challenges?

You can get referrals from your pediatrician, a local daycare or other area moms. You can look on your local Craig’s List, Jen’s List or advertise online or in a local paper. You can hire your cousin’s kid who is in nursing school…you know the drill. It’s tough – you probably have a lot of questions about this person who will be coming into your home. A while ago I came across, and they really make the process easier.

The site works on a membership basis with free and paid premium memberships. There are local listings of caregivers along with their experience and qualifications. Paid members can even do background checks on caregivers, which is reassuring. also lists caregivers for pets, seniors and house sitters.

No matter how highly a caregiver is recommended, be sure to interview them and trust your instincts. Watch them interact with your child (or pet or senior) and keep looking until you find one that you feel is “right” for your family.

About the Author

Rosie Reeves is a writer and mother of three; including one with special needs. She works side-by-side with her daughter’s therapists, teachers and doctors. Rosie has also served as the Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner. She can be reached at Rosie is a member of the PedSafe Expert team


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