Administering Pediatric Safety for Childhood Emergencies

Editor’s Note: While we would love to take credit for all the terrific information included in this post …(and of course are incredibly flattered that our name appears in the title)…in truth, we had nothing to do with the creation of this wonderful infographic. All credit (along with our thanks) goes to Adams Safety Training.

Administering Pediatric Safety - InfoGraphic


4 Responses to “Administering Pediatric Safety for Childhood Emergencies”

  1. Sadie Tate says:

    I really love this post, I have been looking for all the tips I can get about pediatrics and the health concerns as I have a new little one. I also would recommend Chris Johnson MD’s book Keeping Your Kids Out of the Emergency Room. It’s packed with info and tips and what to look for and things to stay away from and all that. So worth the read, I feel far less paranoid to tell you the truth after reading through it! HIs blog is good too, It’s just been so helpful and these posts as well!

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