Expert Video: Dealing with Sleepwalking in Children

In this brief video, a neurologist and sleep expert describes common symptoms and triggers of sleepwalking – a nighttime activity that as many as 20% of children will engage in at some point. She also gives advice on how to manage your child’s sleepwalking behavior before bed and during the night.


Editor’s Note: Video Highlights

  • Sleepwalking-in-childrenAnyone can sleepwalk – any time between the first and second year of life to as late as in their 70s
  • It occurs usually in the first part of the night when we have most of our deep sleep – and occurs as you wake very abruptly from deep sleep
  • Stress is the most common trigger of sleepwalking, but can also be seen in kids who are not very good at letting go at bedtime and carry a lot of mental activity to bed with them
  • There can be other triggers, like needing to go to the bathroom – so make sure they go before bedtime
  • Don’t limit daytime naps in order to prevent nighttime sleepwalking – this can contribute to the problem
  • During an episode, make sure they are safe and lead them gently back into bed before waking them briefly

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