Goosebumps is AMC’s Sensory Friendly Film this Saturday

New sensory friendly logoEach month, AMC Entertainment (AMC) and the Autism Society are teaming up to bring families affected by autism and other special needs “Sensory Friendly Films” – a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their favorite “family-friendly” movies in a safe and accepting environment. They have also recently added movie screenings of films for slightly older audiences on the autism spectrum.

The movie auditoriums will have their lights turned up and the sound turned down. Families will be able to bring in snacks to match their child’s dietary needs (i.e. gluten-free, casein-free, etc.), there are no advertisements or previews before the movie and it’s totally acceptable to get up and dance, walk, shout, talk to each other…and even sing – in other words, AMC’s “Silence is Golden®” policy will not be enforced during movie screenings unless the safety of the audience is questioned.

Goosebumps posterDoes it make a difference? Absolutely! “It can be challenging enough to bring ANY child to a movie theater” says PedSafe Special Needs Parenting Expert Rosie Reeves. “For a parent with a special needs child, attempting an outing like this may seem overwhelming. And yet getting out, being with the community and sharing in an experience with an audience can be invaluable for just such children”.

On Saturday, October 24th at 10am local time, Goosebumps will be screened as part of the Autism Society “Sensory Friendly Films” program. Tickets are $4 to $6 depending on the location. To find a theatre near you, click here for a list of AMC theatres nationwide participating in this fabulous program (note: to access list, please scroll to the bottom of the page – and check with your local theatre to be sure they will be showing this Sensory Friendly film).

Coming later in October: Jem and the Holograms (Tues, 10/27)


Editor’s note: Although Goosebumps has been chosen by the Autism Society as this month’s Sensory Friendly screening, we do want parents to know that it is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America for scary and intense creature action and images, and for some rude humor. As always, please check the IMDB Parent’s Guide for a more detailed description of this film to determine if it is right for you and your child.

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