Child Health & Safety News 11/26: 8 Bath Time Hazards for Kids

twitter thumbIn this week’s Child Health News: Does Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ Influence Teen Suicide? Survey Asks At-Risk Youths

Welcome to Pediatric Safety’s weekly “Child Health & Safety News Roundup”- a recap of the past week’s child health and safety news headlines from around the world. Each day we use social media to communicate relevant and timely health and safety information to the parents, medical professionals and caregivers who follow us. Occasionally we overlook something, but overall we think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping you informed. Still, quite a bit happens every day – so to make sure you don’t miss anything, we offer you a recap of this week’s top 15 events & stories.

  • How to Parent a Sensitive Child Live in a Less Than Sensitive World 2018-11-25
  • Keep this handy for your next roadtrip! Stop backseat bickering. One hillarious solution! 2018-11-24
  • Probiotic no better than placebo for acute gastroenteritis in children results of large randomized controlled trial call into question current recommendations 2018-11-23
  • School-based health centers take leading role in fighting teen suicide 2018-11-23
  • How Fathers Can Strengthen the Relationships With Their Sons 2018-11-21
  • When Your Child Doesn’t Look Their Age 2018-11-20

PedSafe Child Health & Safety News Headline of the Week
Avoid These 8 Bath Time Hazards to Keep Your Child Safe in the Tub

  • Refugee Kids Are Suffering From Resignation Syndrome …imagine a child being so traumatized by their life experiences that they shut down completely—no eating, no drinking, no talking, no response to any kind of stimulus. Here in America? 2018-11-20
  • Child Health must include Eye Health 2018-11-20
  • What is the Children’s Health Act of 2000? 2018-11-20
  • Kids Who Didn’t Get The Right Answer on Their Tests But Aren’t Exactly Wrong Either (2 pts for creativity) 2018-11-19
  • November is Child Safety and Prevention Month. One way to keep your child safe is to have an evacuation plan in case of a natural disaster. Learn more: 2018-11-19
  • The founders of Juul claim they never wanted their product to appeal to minors—but one tobacco expert says the company’s early advertisements wooed young people 2018-11-19
  • Knowing How to Use an AED Can Save a Child’s Life 2018-11-19


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