Braces for Your Child: A Life Changing Decision

We understand that getting braces is a really big decision. Your dentist or orthodontist will walk you through your options carefully and help you determine what the best type of treatment is for your individual child’s needs. When you consider braces for your child, you are making a decision that will change his or her life forever.

Starting young can give you some of the following benefits:

  • Correct detrimental habits such as tongue thrusting or thumb sucking
  • Decrease the need for oral surgery and even extractions of adult teeth
  • Improve your child’s face and smile while decreasing their insecurities
  • Help to improve their speech and or the way their lips fit together
  • Simplify and shorten the length of orthodontic treatment
  • Help disrupt jaw growth issues or damage to the jaw joints

These are just a few of the benefits to starting orthodontics young. Often teenagers develop a resistance to orthodontic treatment due to the appearance as well so starting your child at a young age will help them comply with treatment.

Some kids just can’t wait to get braces while others are a little worried about how it will affect their lifestyle. There will be some foods that they won’t be able to eat for a while and some things that have to be prepared differently.

There are several types of braces to choose from now days. From the traditional metal braces to tooth colored or clear braces and even Invisalign- the invisible braces! With all the options and the improved quality of the materials used, braces are better then they have ever been!

Your dentist should always be there to address any concerns you may have.

Best of luck!

About the Author

I am a family dentist who treats children as well as adults. Making smiles people love, extreme makeovers and complex dental reconstruction is our niche including implants, TMJ, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. As a participant in the blog, I will be offering dental perspectives on pediatric safety and health care options on a regular basis. I can be reached at Blessings to all! Dr Williams is a member of the PedSafe Expert team


4 Responses to “Braces for Your Child: A Life Changing Decision”

  1. I’m wondering why braces start so much earlier these days. My son (9) has an expander now, will need braces. Trying to make the right decisions, but on the other hand I have a friend in her 50’s whose dentist thinks her significant problems now might have been caused by ‘extreme’ orthodontia when she was young.

    We all want to do what’s right, but how much research is there showing that early intervention is the right option or should we wait until their jaws have developed more fully?

    • Hello Rebecca,

      Thanks for the questions about early orthodontic treatment. All orthodontists, pediatric and general dentists are trained in early treatment of orthodontic problems. There are a number of treatments that are suggested by all dental authorities at early ages due to there being the best results by making changes in the mixed dentition, i.e. crossbites, narrow arches. Orthopedic changes can be made in young people that cannot be made in older children or adult. If someone is telling you that its better to wait until all the teeth have come in to begin treatment, they usually have a system of treatment that they like to use and it fits that age group best. We want to treat our patients for their best benefit. Often a two phase treatment is easier on the patient and quicker than a longer one phase treatment at an older age.

  2. Nazia says:

    Hello doc,

    I am 18 and have an overbite and non aligned teeth. I really want to get braces but my father says I should not tamper with my natural teeth because I would need extractions. I have an appointment with my Orthodontist and dentist this Tuesday. I am making the right decision, right? How do I convince my father that I am doing so??

    I would be much obliged for being guided in the matter.

  3. Hello Nazia,

    Your dentist should be able to determine the best treatment for you based on your dental bite problem or malocclusion. That treatment plan should be fully explained to you and your dad at the consult so that you feel comfortable doing the indicated treatment. Your dad should be there to ask questions, look at all of the alternatives and give his advice as to the course you should take. If you are old enough and on your own, the deciision is ultimately yours. Until then, your dad will have a large say in what treatment is able to be performed by the dentist. Extractions are always avoided when possible, so that is the best route. When they are necessary, its best to go that route. Orthodontics is a great service for fixing smiles.

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