Wii helps special needs kids get exercise

Wii BoxingVideo games get a bad rap from most experts, but now there may be a few reasons to let your kids play Wii. A recent study from the University of Oklahoma showed that active video games like Wii boxing or Dance Dance Revolution get kids as active as if they were taking a walk. Plus in many parts of the country most playgrounds – even the universally accessible ones – are just too hot to visit in the summer once it gets near lunch time.

Britt Collins, an occupational therapist, has come out in support of the Wii gaming system as a form of exercise for special needs kids. Britt told the June 2010 issue of Parents magazine that the Wii can help special needs children elevate their heart rate while also working on skills such as timing and visual and motor coordination.

Britt’s top picks for the Wii are:

Wii Sports – a child in a wheelchair can bowl or swing a virtual baseball bat with one arm.

Wii Fit – standing alone or with support, a child can master challenges like heading a soccer ball

We Ski – standing or sitting on a Wii balance board and shifting their weight helps build core strength and upper/lower body coordination

Raving Rabbids – combines the balance board with controllers and helps perceptual skills
Britt Collins is the cocreator of the DVD series TRP Wellness, which includes her video OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM, SPECIAL NEEDS & TYPICAL with Britt Collins.


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