The Horse Boy – A Family’s Journey to Treat Autism

The Horse Boy is a documentary that follows a family as they travel to Mongolia to try shamanistic healing for their son. Although the child in the film has autism, parents Rupert Isaacson and Kristin Neff struggle with the same questions any special needs diagnosis would bring:

– Did I do something to cause this?

– Will my child ever be self-sufficient?

– What will happen to my child when I am gone?

The film forces the audience to look unflinchingly at the reality of life with an autistic child, showing long stretches of tantrums. Although the sequences may seem long to the viewer, it reminds us that these short scenes are nothing compared to the day to day reality faced by some special needs caregivers.

The parents are amazingly devoted to trying anything and everything to help heal not only their child but their overall situation. They put aside personal beliefs and prejudices as they place their faith and their hope into a different culture.

The family’s story raises fascinating questions. How far would you go, geographically, spiritually and emotionally, to help your special needs child? What specific parts of your child’s special needs really need to be treated? Do doctors really know everything about these conditions?

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About the Author

Rosie Reeves is a writer and mother of three; including one with special needs. She works side-by-side with her daughter’s therapists, teachers and doctors. Rosie has also served as the Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner. She can be reached at Rosie is a member of the PedSafe Expert team


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  1. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed a new book to read, this sounds intriguing!

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