Video – Measles in a Young Girl and a Mother’s Regret

Hear from a mother who decided not to vaccinate her child, and came to regret that choice when her daughter, Lola, contracted measles at a birthday party. It was difficult to watch her daughter suffer with this harsh illness and Lola was left with a perforated eardrum and permanent hearing damage.

Deadly Measles on the RiseEditor’s Note: Video Highlights

  • Relying on other kids being vaccinated is risky
  • Measles can be a very harsh illness and difficult to diagnose as the rash doesn’t appear right away
    • You may have trouble finding a doctor who is familiar with measles
  • Lola, The little girl in this video, has permanent hearing damage due to her bout of measles
  • The mother expresses her regret and feelings of guilt for not getting Lola vaccinated


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