Video: Parents Talk about Their Children with Diabetes

Parents describe how they deal with having a diabetic child, including daily routines such as insulin injections, and how children can live life to the fullest.


Editor’s Note: Video Highlights

  • measuring glucose level blood test from diabetes child babyParents talk about the challenges of their child’s diabetes diagnosis
  • Others describe how they must learn to care for their children like medical professionals
  • A particular concern is when the children go off to school – it can be hard to accept someone else taking control over their diabetes
    • This requires a close, integrated approach between the family and school
  • Some of the children also talk about managing their diabetes while at school
  • Parents also describe the disruption that diabetes management represents for their kids’ lives
    • But these steps are absolutely required to keep them alive
  • Another worry covered is when children grow into teenagers – and that new habits and concerns could get in the way of good diabetes control
  • A diabetes physician talks about how the real challenge of diabetes for both parents and the child is maintaining motivation to manage this chronic condition well over decades
  • Parents also emphasize that you will make mistakes and shouldn’t beat yourself up about it – you’re only human and you will get the hang of it all
  • Managing your child’s diabetes can be challenging and stressful, but it does become more normal over time – and your family will be able to focus on other things in life
  • Finally, parents emphasize that a child with diabetes can live a normal life to a full extent

For more information on babies and rashes, click on this link from NHS Choices.

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