iPad Helps Autistic and Special Needs Kids

As you start shopping for those back to school supplies you might want to add one other item to the list – an iPad. iPad for kidsTherapists and caregivers nationwide are reporting that autistic and special needs kids are taking to the large screen and colorful icons, using educational apps and even communicating – sometimes for the very first time. The IPhone and iPod Touch are also big hits as well as great tools for many special needs individuals. The devices show videos and play music, all great distractions for avoiding meltdowns. Schools are beginning to use the iPad as a teaching and therapy tool, and insurance carriers are debating covering the technology in the future. Read a great article on the iPad and autistic kids here.

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2 Responses to “iPad Helps Autistic and Special Needs Kids”

  1. I have worked for years with children who are on the Autism Spectrum. This device truly can assist parents and educators to breakthrough tough days and also help to educate.

    Thanks for sharing.


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