How to Bring Home a New Baby Without a Sibling Revolution

This topic is one of my favorite opportunities for laughing at myself. My first mistake was asking my older two children to meet our new baby at the hospital. Not only did they not want to go, they begged their father either to send back the baby or to leave us both at the hospital. Right away, I learned the value of letting the older siblings have their own feelings rather than forcing mine upon them. It was either that or knowing that they would act out in ways I’d rather not imagine. After all, what was in it for them? They now had to share a room, as well as the time and attention of their tired and cranky parents.

My challenge was to convince them that while having a new sister was non-negotiable, they could have some adventure along the way. They arranged and decorated their new room in an outlandish manner, complete with “BABY KEEP OUT” signs and booby traps, since baby couldn’t read. Their father logged in overtime on surprise excursions that Mom would never have approved of and that Baby would never enjoy. They acquired extra paid jobs around the house. They got special individual time with both of us, and we still managed to keep up with their busy lives. Luckily, their sister was irresistible and won them over in no time.

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Dr. Patti Zomber is a licensed psychologist for children and families. She has written numerous articles about parenting and is also editor of the Los Angeles Psychologist journal. As a mother of three, she shares a unique understanding of the challenges and experiences families face every day.


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  1. Kids are very sensitive to take care. Taking care of them is a hard task for a newer parent. They need to consult a pediatrician for the reference.

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