New Brain Beats CD Brings Learning and Music Together

Calling all alternative learners, auditory learners, music lovers and anyone who is afraid of summer brain drain – now you can pop some catchy music into your nearest player and learn some really useful info thanks to Brain Beats, a fun mnemonic collection of songs. Covering everything from geography, science, history, math, grammar and more you can slip in a little lesson during your next car ride, workout or even let it play poolside.

Our memory loves music, so instead of committing the latest drivel by a bubblegum popstar to memory, feed your brain the words to the preamble of the constitution! Back in the day School House Rock got me through some of my classes, and now Brain Beats brings educational music to a new generation.

Check out Brain Beats Tour of the States music video and follow the link to the album for more info. Brain Beats is available at all Marbles The Brain Store locations and on their website.

About the Author

Rosie Reeves is a writer and mother of three; including one with special needs. She works side-by-side with her daughter’s therapists, teachers and doctors. Rosie has also served as the Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner. She can be reached at Rosie is a member of the PedSafe Expert team


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