Video: Young Man and Speech Therapist Talk about Stuttering

Learn about the causes and challenges of stuttering (also known as stammering) from a speech therapist and a young man who’s living with stuttering. Jamal eventually got help for the problem and has since embraced his stutter as just another aspect of who he is – not a defining element.

Editor’s Note: Video Highlights

  • Stuttering or stammering is a difficulty with fluency in speech
  • Physically it can manifest or be experienced as a person repeating sounds or words, or becoming completely blocked in speaking
  • But there are also a lot of internal, often negative, feelings about stuttering – particularly as a child ages
  • Ways that people use to cope with stuttering is avoidance or substitution of words – and even avoidance of social situations – trying to deal with the stuttering is always top of mind
  • Stuttering background conceptThe issue can affect everyday situations and, as a person grows, can become a barrier to employment, through avoiding interviews
  • There is a lot of help now for people who stutter – best to get specialist help, such as speech therapy
  • It’s never too late to get help, whether a child or an adult – a cure may not be possible, but real improvement is possible

For more information on the characteristics, causes and treatment of stammering, check out this link from NHS Choices or The Stuttering Foundation

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