Video: How to Protect Young Children from Poisoning

In this 2-minute video, Katrina Phillips of the Child Accident Prevention Trust talks about what you can do to protect your child from poisoning.


Editor’s Note: Video Highlights

  • Protecting young children from poisoningThe most common culprit for child poisoning is everyday painkillers
    • It’s important to put them somewhere where a small child can’t be tempted by the bright colors and where they can’t reach them
  • The other common cause of poisoning for young children is household cleaning products
  • Note that child safety caps on medicines and cleaning products can slow young children getting them open, but they’re not actually childproof
    • Some three and four year-olds can open those caps in seconds, so it’s important not to rely on child safety caps to keep young children safe from poisoning
  • There are other things around your home that you wouldn’t suspect could be poisonous to small children but are – including:
    • Perfume on your dressing table
    • Aromatherapy oils that you might have in your bathroom
    • Small amounts of alcohol, like the dregs left in the bottom of a glass
  • You need to think about what might be harmful to a small child and put it somewhere where they can’t see it and where they can’t reach it
  • Also, get your gas appliances serviced every year – and fit a carbon-monoxide alarm that will sound a warning if levels of the poisonous gas are too high in your home
  • Finally, if you think your child has swallowed something poisonous, it’s important to get immediate medical advice and help

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