Video: Should I Worry About my Child’s Walking Issues?

Ruth, a health visitor (*specialized nurse) discusses parental concerns about childhood walking issues, when you should contact your GP (*physician) and the normal stages of learning to walk.

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What is the normal way children start to walk?

  • Children begin to walk with their feet turned out.
  • Children begin by waddling.
  • It is also common for children to have bow legs, knocked knees, and to sometimes walk with their feet turned in.

What are the main issues that concern parents?

  • Bowed legs ‘
  • Tiptoe walking
  • Flat feet
  • Knocked Knees

How worried should parents be if their children exhibit any of the above issues?

  • Most walking issues resolve themselves simply.
  • If there is concern, contact the child’s GP (*physician).
  • Two years of age is a good time to ask about potential walking issues.

Editor’s Note: *clarification provided for our US readers.


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