Is One Type of Floss More Effective For My Kids Than Another??

Floss for a lifetime of healthy teethWith so many types of floss out there, it can be confusing to figure out which is best for your family. Personal preference is most important: The best dental floss is the one they’ll use (and use correctly) on a daily basis. Plaque — or biofilm, as we’re calling it these days — needs to be removed every 24 hours, before it has a chance to cause tooth decay or gum disease.

My advice is to experiment. Some find waxed floss easier to use, while others like the unwaxed variety or dental tape, which is flatter and wider. Your kids may prefer a particular flavor, such as mint or cinnamon. If their teeth are very close together, a fine or extra-fine floss might feel best. But if there’s any shredding, try another kind.

Still not sure? At your next cleaning, ask the dental hygienist for recommendations based on your family’s oral history.

About the Author

Dr. Janet Kinney is an assistant clinical professor of periodontics and oral medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor


3 Responses to “Is One Type of Floss More Effective For My Kids Than Another??”

  1. I’m glad you posted this because it’s a big thing in my household. My kids are terrible with handing their own floss so we use those flossers on a stick and that seems to work well. We don’t want any cavities on these little guys!

  2. I like the plastic waxed floss rather than the fabric type

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