Say Yes to Halloween Candy…But Only on Halloween

The reality is that the Halloween tradition is about children receiving candy as they go door to door in their Halloween costumes. Halloween only occurs once a year, so I say, let the children enjoy some candy. Don’t get me wrong. I love the healthier ideas out there, especially the toy and sticker alternative. But remember, candy is not the root of all evil – it is the frequency in which it is consumed that could pose a problem.

We live in a world where our children are already around lots of candy, so we must teach them proper behaviors around eating it. I see Halloween as a wonderful training opportunity on proper eating behaviors. So let the kids enjoy their Halloween candy, but don’t let it be consumed endlessly after the holiday. I allow my children to have more candy than usual on Halloween. In fact, I let them have all the candy they want this one night per year. My daughter has already learned firsthand that too much candy will give her a tummy ache. We had a great discussion when she was feeling sick after eating too much icing one time that too much candy will make her body feel bad.

After Halloween comes and goes this weekend, the frequency of candy consumption will go back to how it normally is at our home – a maximum of once or twice per week. So, my take on Halloween? Let the kids have their candy. And remember to use this time to teach them about the place that candy should have in their lives every other day of the year – as an occasional treat.

**************************************************************************************************************************** Editor’s Note: We are all concerned about childhood nutrition these days, which makes Halloween a particularly “tricky” holiday. But there’s more than one way to skin a black cat!…as we see from two different perspectives on Halloween treats. While today’s post talks about letting kids have their candy on Halloween (as long as moderation prevails after the holiday), another post looks at trading candy for healthier alternatives. We hope you find some useful ideas to safely satisfy your “ghouls”!

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Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD is a mother of two precious children. She also is a devoted wife, entrepreneur and a woman striving to live the healthy life. As a Registered and Licensed Dietitian that is Board Certified as a Specialist in Pediatrics, she knows that knowledge is one it out is another! Angela shares her tips for mothers and families on Follow her as she learns the tricks of the trade combining knowledge with living it out.


4 Responses to “Say Yes to Halloween Candy…But Only on Halloween”

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    I can’t believe the haul of candy kids bring home these days on Halloween. SO much, it’s impossible to eat it all. Definitely a good idea to teach in moderation. Halloween is an exciting time. Let me them eat candy is a great plan! As long as I get a few pieces. 🙂 I have to check it….right??

  2. Pam says:

    My kids aren’t young anymore, but I always used to let them enjoy lots of candy on Halloween. I would then put the candy away, and they would just pretty much forget about it. A few pieces for a few days after, and that was it. Eventually I would just pitch it. (But I always ate a few of the Snickers!) Stopped by from SITS.

  3. Stressed Out Mom says:

    Ok… But the problem is, my child comes home with over 30 lbs of candy. I go and get my Jammies on, and theres my daughter, beside an empty bag clutching her stiffed belly! She gets so sick- her belly is bloated and sore to this moment! How can I make her feel better, and keep this from

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