Help! My Son’s Stuffy Nose Doesn’t Care if It’s a Cold or Allergies

colds and allergies mean miserable kidsHow can you help him breathe easier?

First, make sure your son is drinking throughout the day, since chugging liquids can thin mucus. Next, have him breathe in some steam to lubricate his nose and chest, which can unclog those passages. A few options:

Run a hot shower and have him sit in the bathroom with the door closed for 10 minutes.

Fill a bowl with hot water, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, place a towel on top and waft the steam towards him. (Placing his head directly above the bowl without a towel may lead to burns.)

Run a humidifier in his room, especially while he sleeps.

If he’s still feeling stuffed up, try an over-the-counter saline spray to loosen the congestion and moisten nasal membranes.

Finally, be sure to keep a box of soft facial tissues on your nightstand. That way, relief will be within reach whenever he needs it.

About the Author

Lisa Levine-Bernstein has been a registered nurse for 30 years. She is the school nurse for Great Neck North Middle School in Great Neck, N.Y., and the owner of Parenting Successful Children, a private parenting practice.


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  1. My poor boys bother have to use allergy daily nasal spray and take singular every day or their noses will get so stuffed up they’ll cough until they vomit. Luckily that’s enough to keep everything in check.

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